3105 aluminium alloy has become one of the indispensable materials in many industries with its excellent performance and wide range of applications.


Chemical properties of aluminium 3105:

The main chemical composition of 3105 aluminium alloy includes aluminium (Aluminum), the content of which is usually between 98.0%-99.5%, which is the main element of the alloy, giving the alloy good lightweight performance and processability. It also contains a percentage of Manganese, usually between 0.50% and 0.80%, which increases the strength and corrosion resistance of the alloy, and helps to improve the moulding properties of the alloy. Iron (Iron) is one of the common impurity elements of 3105 aluminium alloy, the content of which is between 0.0%-0.7%, while silicon (Silicon) is a trace element, the content of which is generally below 0.50%, mainly playing a role in solid solution strengthening and grain refining.

aluminium 3105 alloy properties

Physical Properties of aluminium 3105:

3105 aluminium alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, can be used for applications requiring high thermal performance, such as making radiators. At the same time, its electrical properties are also quite good, can be used for electrical, electrification and rail transport equipment, electrical wires, cables, etc..


Mechanical properties of aluminium 3105:

3105 aluminium alloy has medium strength and hardness, the hardness is about HB45-55, the tensile strength is 95-140MPa. In addition, it has good resistance to atmospheric and seawater corrosion, oxidation, corrosion, chemical properties are stable, and in many corrosive media can be maintained in a long period of time under the good performance. 3105 aluminium alloy has excellent workability, good adaptability to machining, riveting, deep-drawn formation, welding and cutting processes, and can be processed into a variety of complex shapes. In particular, its welding properties allow it to be welded by conventional TIG, MIG and arc welding. It also has good plasticity and forming properties, making it suitable for processing such as bending, cold drawing, punching and engraving.


The main characteristics of 3105 aluminium alloy include good corrosion resistance, workability, thermal conductivity and electrical properties. Its specific properties and applications will also be affected by the material’s different manufacturing processes, heat treatment processes, and size and other factors.


3105 aluminium alloy has a wide range of uses, mainly used in the manufacture of aerospace equipment, daily necessities, doors and windows for construction. It is used in CNC lathe, stamping, CNC, optics, aviation, mechanical equipment, mould manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, transportation, textile, electromechanical, metallurgy, military industry, ships, chemical industry, hardware manufacturing, mobile phone industry, medical industry and other fields.

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