How to calculate the aluminum plate price

When you need to buy aluminium sheet plate. Do you know how to calculate the aluminum plate price? We are an aluminium plate manufacturer with 13 years production experience. The calculation method of aluminium plate price introduced in detail here can help you quickly judge whether the quotation given by aluminium plate manufacturer is reasonable

Common uses of aluminum alloy plates in different series

Today, I will introduce the basic uses of aluminium alloy plates in various series. First, 1000 series pure aluminium plate: the purity of aluminium as high as 99%, soft texture, easy deformation, good formability, generally used for bottle caps, printed boards, building materials, signboards, pad exchanger components. 2000 series Aluminum Alloy Plate: Aluminum Plate with

Different specifications and types aluminum products in stock

Different specifications and types aluminum products in stock: 1. Aluminum sheet plate: thickness 0.3 mm – 180 mm width 900 mm – 2000 mm 2. Aluminum coil: thickness 0.10 mm-12 mm width 150 mm-2000 mm 3. Diamond Aluminum Plate: Five barTypes, Pointer Types or Customized Thickness 1.2mm-8.0mm 4. Bar: Extruded round bar(r, h112) state: quenched

The surface treatment of aluminium alloy

Aluminum alloy sheets can be divided into non-painted aluminium products and painted aluminium products according to their surface treatment methods. 1) Non-painted aluminum alloy products (1) It can be divided into hammered aluminium plate (irregular pattern), embossed aluminium plate (regular pattern) and pre-passivated alumina surface treatment plate. (2) This kind of product is not painted