aluminum sheet metal material

Aluminum Sheet Metal Material Grades

In daily life, we often use aluminum sheet metal material, which is easy to process, recyclable, good corrosion resistance, and good durability. How many aluminum sheet metal material grades are there? What are the advantages of aluminum sheet metal? Let us take these questions and let’s understand the relevant content together!   There are several aluminum sheet metal

1050 h16 aluminum sheet manufacturer

1050 H16 Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

1050 aluminum sheet belongs to the 1000 series pure aluminum sheet. The 1000 series aluminum sheets are named based on the last two Arabic digits, which determine the minimum aluminum content of the series. The last two digits of 1050 aluminum are 50, and according to the international alloy designation system, the aluminum content must be above

EN AW 5083 material properties

EN AW 5083 Material Properties

5083 aluminum alloy belongs to aluminum magnesium alloy, and aluminum-magnesium alloy is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. EN AW 5083 material properties are high strength, especially fatigue strength. It has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It has good plasticity in semi-cold quenching and low cold hardening plasticity. It also has good

density of aluminum 6061

Density of Aluminum 6061

The density of aluminum 6061 alloy is 2.75g/cm3. This means that the weight of aluminum alloy 6061 material per cubic centimeter is 2.75 grams. Density is the ratio of mass to volume of a substance and is one of its characteristics at a given temperature and pressure. Aluminum alloy 6061 is one type of aluminum alloy

rust proof aluminum alloy plate

Rust Proof Aluminum Alloy Plate

3000 series rust proof aluminum alloy plate is also called aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate, with a manganese content of 1-1.5%. It is a widely used rust-resistant aluminum alloy series. The strength of 3000 series rust proof aluminum alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum alloy. Although it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, it has good

2024 aluminum vs 6061

2024 Aluminum VS 6061

The 2024 aluminum vs 6061 are both aircraft grade aluminum alloys, what are the difference between them?   2024 aluminum alloy is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium system, the temperature is higher than 125 °C, and the strength of 2024 aluminum alloy is higher than that of 7075 aluminum alloy. The formability is