aluminium sheet thickness chart in mm

Aluminium Sheet Thickness Chart in mm

Aluminum sheet is a common metal material, which has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity, and is widely used in construction, aviation, automobile, electronics and other fields. According to national standards, the aluminium sheet thickness chart in mm is generally 0.2mm to 200mm. Among them, the aluminum sheet with thickness from 0.2mm to

electrical grade aluminium

Electrical Grade aluminium

The current electronics industry chooses electrical grade aluminium alloy for its product shell materials, which has become one of the core materials of electronic products. Do you know why this is so? Naturally, it is caused by the characteristics of the aluminum alloy material. We all know that the casing of the train has corrosion resistance because

5052 vs 6061

5052 VS 6061

There are many models of aluminum sheet on the market, and different models have different differences. You must carefully distinguish them when choosing, otherwise it is easy to buy the wrong one. So what is the difference between 5052 vs 6061? There are the following 6 differences between 5052 vs 6061: 1: The alloying elements are different. In

marine aluminium grades

Marine Aluminium Grades

The selection of marine aluminium grades alloy materials is relatively strict, at present, aluminum alloy products such as 5083 aluminium plate, 5086 aluminium plate, 5454 aluminium plate, 5754 aluminium plate and 6061 aluminium plate are mostly used. In practical applications, the advantages of marine aluminium alloys are very obvious. First, the specific gravity is small, which can reduce the

1100 aluminum vs 6061

1100 Aluminum VS 6061

The purity of 1100 aluminum vs 6061, 1100 aluminum is higher than 6061 aluminum. 6061 aluminum has higher strength, density, production cost and price than 1100 aluminum. 1100 aluminum sheet is pure aluminum sheet, the production process is relatively single, and the price is cheaper. 6061 aluminum plate is aluminum alloy plate, the production process is complex, the price to expensive.

aluminum alloy sheet metal

Aluminum Alloy Sheet Metal

Aluminum alloy sheet metal nowadays often appear in industrial manufacturing, housing construction, transportation and other fields. Alloy aluminum sheet metal in the use of the effect is unusual, and even to replace other materials, but each different types have to be separated for understanding, do not feel free to add some of their own ideas.   The next specific