The density of aluminum 7075 alloy is 2.81g/cm³. It is a high-strength aluminum alloy material mainly used as load-bearing components in the aerospace field. Aluminium 7075 alloy has also been widely used in the automotive, rocket, and weapons industries. In these applications, the high strength and hardness of 7075 aluminum alloy effectively improve the load-bearing capacity and wear resistance of structural components. At the same time, its excellent corrosion resistance ensures the reliability and stability of components in complex environments.

density of aluminum 7075

7075 aluminum alloy is an alloy that mainly contains elements such as zinc, magnesium, and copper to improve its strength and hardness. Density of aluminum 7075 is about 2.81 grams/cubic centimeter, slightly higher than other aluminum alloys, primarily due to its higher proportion of metal elements. The addition of these metal elements increases the density of aluminium 7075 alloy, while also giving it excellent mechanical and corrosion resistance properties. 7075 aluminum plate has very high strength, with a tensile strength of up to 572MPa, belonging to the category of ultra-high-strength aluminum alloys.


In addition, regarding the density of aluminum 7075 alloy, it is actually a relatively fixed value. Generally, its density is not expected to change significantly with temperature or other environmental factors. Therefore, we can consider the density of al 7075 alloy as a constant. When calculating the weight and mass of aluminum alloys, specific dimensions and density need to be taken into account. For more information about 7075 aluminum alloy, consultation with materials scientists can be sought.

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