ASTM 5083

ASTM 5083

ASTM 5083 aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy material with excellent performance, the main components are aluminum, magnesium and manganese. 5083 aluminum has high strength, corrosion resistance and weldability and is widely used in ships, automobiles, aerospace and other fields.   The specifications of ASTM 5083 aluminum sheet are usually based on its thickness, length and width. Different

EN AW 5083 material properties

EN AW 5083 Material Properties

5083 aluminum alloy belongs to aluminum magnesium alloy, and aluminum-magnesium alloy is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. EN AW 5083 material properties are high strength, especially fatigue strength. It has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It has good plasticity in semi-cold quenching and low cold hardening plasticity. It also has good

al 5052 h32 material properties

Al 5052 H32 Material Properties

5052 H32 aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy with medium strength and good formability. Careful observation reveals that 5052 H32 aluminum sheet can be seen everywhere in petrochemical, construction, transportation, electrical and electronic industries. Next, aluminum sheet manufacturer – Haomei Aluminum will introduce the performance advantages of al 5052 h32 material properties in detail.   The tensile strength of

5052 h32 aluminum sheet specifications

5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet Specifications

5052 h32 aluminum sheet specifications is used in the field of automotive aluminum: automotive skin materials, automotive engine outer panels, bus trunk panels, bus non-slip decorative panels, aluminum panels for automotive fuel tanks, etc. Under the general trend of automobile lightweight development, the application of automobile skin materials has a broad market prospect. Aluminum has gradually been used

aluminum 5052 thermal conductivity

Aluminum 5052 Thermal Conductivity

As a typical alloy of 5000 series, the Mg content of 5052 aluminum plate is 2.2%~2.8%. It is a low Mg, non-hardened aluminum plate without heat treatment. It has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, and easy processing and forming. In the annealed state, the alloy has a high rate

3003 5052 aluminum alloy

Differences between aluminium alloy 5052 and 3003

Aluminium alloy sheet 5052 and aluminum alloy 3003 differ from each other in chemical composition, mechanical properties, specifications, application scopes and prices. 1. In terms of chemical composition, 3003 aluminum alloy plate is an aluminum-manganese alloy, and the main alloying element is manganese. 5052 aluminum alloy plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the main alloying