aluminium plate for sale

Aluminium Plate For Sale

Aluminium plate for saleĀ are divided into hot rolled and hot rolled plates, as well as thin plates and hot rolled coils. Aluminum plate has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but the tensile strength is low, the heat treatment method cannot be improved, and the millability is not good, it can be

5052 and 6061 aluminum plate piles

Differences between 5083 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum sheet is a representative of 5xxx series, whose tempers include h321 and h116, usually applied in marine building, while 6061 plate is a 6000 series product, whose state is generally 6061T6, 6061-t651 and 6061-t652, and t6 is the state of artificial aging after solution heat treatment (quenching). What are the differences between 5052