5005 grade aluminium alloy is an 5000 series AI-Mg alloy containing 0.50% to 1.1% magnesium. It is used as a wire in a super hard (H19) state. Its minimum tensile strength (depending on the diameter) is 230 to 274 MPa, and the minimum electrical conductivity It is 31.0m/(gate * m field 2). The tensile strength of 5005 aluminium alloy is between 1050A and 6101 aluminum alloy, and its electrical conductivity is similar to 6101 and 6201 aluminum alloy.

5005 grade aluminium

Alloy 5005 grade aluminium plate has medium strength and good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good workability, and the anodized film is brighter than the oxide film on 3003 grade aluminum alloy. 5005 aluminium alloy has good anodizing effect, high strength, anti-exfoliation corrosion and stress corrosion resistance. 5005 aluminum plate has the performance of anti-fracture. 5005 aluminum alloy is used as conductors, cookware, instrument panels, shells and architectural trim. Building materials, interior and exterior decoration materials, vehicle interior decoration materials, etc. As a member of 5000 series aluminum plate, 5005 aluminum sheet is not as common seen as 5052 aluminum sheet, 5754 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet and 5086 aluminum sheet.


5005 grade aluminium belongs to building materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials, low melting point and good corrosion resistance. The 5005 aluminum sheet has the characteristics of heat resistance and wear resistance. Haomei Aluminum is an aluminum plate manufacturer in China with 20 years of rich experience, with stronger R&D and production capabilities. If you are interested in aluminum alloy 5005, we can be your trusted supplier. We offer high quality 5005 aluminum plate product with great price ans sincere service. Not only can be customized production, but also large capacity, shorten the production cycle, provide users with large quantities of products at one time, the quality is guaranteed, the price is preferential, especially suitable for long-term cooperation.

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