6061T6 aluminum plate, as heat-treatable aluminum plate, has strong plasticity. It plays an important role in mold making, all-aluminum body, etc. And there is an increasing trend. T6 is the state of artificial aging after solution heat treatment. Yield strength of 6061-O aluminum: 55 MPa, yield strength of 6061-T4 aluminum: 145MPa, 6061-t6 aluminum yield strength is about 275MPa.


From the perspective of 6061 t6 aluminum composition, the proportion of MG and SI elements is relatively large, so it is determined from the composition that the 6061 T6 aluminum plate has the characteristics of better anti-rust effect and strong hardness. Although the content of MG is not as high as that of 5083 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate is a heat-treatable aluminum plate, which is processed into T4 or T6 state after quenching and high temperature rapid cooling, the hardness will rise sharply. It will have relatively high strength in practical applications such as die cutting and CNC panels.

6061-t6 aluminum yield strength

Secondly, the 6061T6 aluminum plate also has high tensile strength in performance, greater than or equal to 290, the elongation after fracture shows an increasing trend with the increase of thickness, the 6061-t6 aluminum yield strength is not less than 240, and the HV hardness is above 95 degrees.


6061 T6 aluminum plate, as a quenched aluminum plate, has its own specific process. Such as rolling, quenching, sawing, aging and so on. The purpose of the process is to improve the performance and strength of the 6061 t6 aluminum plate. According to the different requirements of customers, it is processed into different specifications and used in different places. Facts have proved that 6061 T6 aluminum plate has played a huge practical value in traditional aspects such as mold making, rust and oxidation prevention. With the development of science and technology, 6061 T6 aluminum plate will definitely play a greater role in new fields.

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