6063 aircraft grade aluminum is silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy, high strength, not easy to deform, longer service life. Aluminum-magnesium-silicon series aluminum alloys belong to forged aluminum alloys, this kind of aluminum alloy have high hardness and good corrosion resistance. 6063 grade aluminum has higher tensile strength and yield strength, showing better fracture toughness.

6063 aircraft grade aluminum

And 6063 aircraft grade aluminum is cooled after being formed at high temperature, that is, the quenching process. Generally, the cooling method of air cooling is adopted, and then artificial aging treatment is performed, that is, the T5 temper. It can eliminate the internal stress of industrial aluminum profiles to the greatest extent, the deformation coefficient is small, the hardness is not so high, it will not break easily, and the mechanical properties are stronger, but 6063 aircraft grade aluminum also adopts the T6 treatment method, and its deformation coefficient will also become larger, and has higher hardness.


6063 aircraft grade aluminum material with t6 temper is a magnesium-aluminum alloy material. Generally, the density of magnesium-aluminum alloy is about 1.8g·cm-3, and the low density of magnesium-aluminum alloy improves its specific performance. Due to magnesium’s low density, its alloys are also known for their light weight. For example, the elastic modulus at 20°C is 45Gpa, which is lower than that of aluminum (70Gpa) and Ti (120Gpa), but the specific elastic modulus of the three is the same (~26Gpa). The characteristics of the small quality of magnesium and magnesium alloys make them It has huge application prospects in transportation, aviation industry and aerospace industry.

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