Alloy 7075 aluminum properties is an aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper series of high-strength deformed aluminum alloys that can be strengthened by heat treatment. It can be used to process all semi-finished products for the manufacture of various structural parts, especially aerospace structural parts. 7075 aluminum alloy is one of the widest range of high-strength aluminum alloys, ranging from the front fuselage truss of the C919 large aircraft, the passenger observation window frame forgings, the middle fuselage sheet bending and truss, the keel beam web, the floor turning beam, the middle and rear fuselage trusses, passengers observe window frame forgings, cargo door frames, front pressure frame edge heads, cabin door frames, etc.; as small as mobile phone casings.


Alloy 7075 aluminum is available in various heat treatment states: T6, T73, T76, T77. The T6 state 7075 material has the highest mechanical strength properties, but the fracture toughness is low, sensitive to stress corrosion, and its toughness decreases with the decrease of temperature. Therefore, the T6 state 7075 material is not suitable for manufacturing low-temperature structural parts and workpieces; T73 material has the lowest strength , but has quite high fracture toughness, good stress crack resistance and anti-exfoliation corrosion resistance; T76 material has higher strength than T73 material and higher stress corrosion cracking resistance than T6 material. The static strength properties of 7075 aluminum plate are higher than those of alloys 2024 and 2124, and the fatigue properties are comparable. O-state and W-state materials have good room temperature formability.

7075 aluminum properties

7075 aluminum alloy can be resistance welded, and the long-term working temperature of the workpiece is less than or equal to 125℃. For incomplete annealing of materials or workpieces, the specification is 290°C~320°C, and after holding for 2h~4h, the furnace is air-cooled; the specification for complete annealing is (390~430)°C/(0.5~1.5)h, with a cooling rate not greater than 30°C/h Cool to ≤200℃, then air-cool.


Alloy 7075 aluminum properties are:

1, Aluminum-zinc alloy: flat, not easy to deform, relatively high hardness, suitable for high-stress structural parts with high strength and strong corrosion resistance;

2, It has good wear resistance, strong bending resistance, and is a heat-treatable aluminum alloy;

3, At present, it is basically imported, which is suitable for lightweight mold manufacturing.

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