7075 t651 plate is known as the best product in 7000 series aluminum alloys. T651 temper indicates that this 7075 aluminum alloy has undergone a heat treatment and pre-stretching process, and the T6 and T651 7075 aluminum alloys have a tensile strength of 572 MPa and a yield strength of 503 MPa. At the same time, 7075 aluminum plate alloy has good mechanical properties and anodizing properties. The American ASTM Standard Union rated 7075 aluminum alloy as Class B mechanical properties because of its ability to produce curled or brittle chips and excellent surface finish.

7075-t651 plate

7075-t651 plate materials are generally added with a small amount of copper, chromium and other alloys. Among this 7075 aluminum plate tempers series, the 7075 T651 aluminum plate alloy is particularly high-quality, known as an excellent product in aluminum alloys, with high strength and far better than any mild steel. This 7075 aluminum plate also has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. Representative applications include aerospace, mold processing, mechanical equipment, fixtures, especially for the manufacture of aircraft structures and other high-stress structures that require high strength and corrosion resistance.


No matter which 7075-t651 plate product is produced, the selection of raw materials should be strictly regulated. The choice of raw materials should also be prudent in the production and processing of aluminum alloy sheets for engineering and construction. If the selection of raw materials cannot guarantee the production and processing of the aluminum sheet, then the quality point is not implemented, and then the later production and processing may lead to the decline of the final production and manufacturing quality of the 7075 alloy aluminum plate. The 7075 aluminum plate is produced and processed by using high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, and is screened from the raw materials. This makes the quality of the alloy aluminum plate inherently guaranteed, and can be produced by skilled workers in strict accordance with the operation method.

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