Al 6061 t6 sheet is a 6000 series aluminum magnesium silicon alloy product, which is an aluminum alloy formed by heat treatment and pre-stretching. The proportion of MG and SI elements is relatively large, so it is determined from the composition that the 6061 aluminum sheet has the characteristics of better anti-rust effect and strong hardness. 6061 aluminum sheet can be seen as a heat-treatable aluminum sheet, is processed into a T6 state after quenching at high temperature and rapid cooling. The hardness will rise sharply. It will have relatively high strength in practical applications such as die cutting and CNC panels.

al 6061 t6 sheet

Al 6061 t6 sheet is a more commonly used alloy series. 6061T6 aluminum plate, as a quenched aluminum plate, has its specific process. The purpose of rolling, quenching, sawing, aging, etc. is to improve the performance and strength of 6061 aluminum sheet. According to different requirements of customers, the 6061 t6 aluminum sheet are processed into different specifications and used in different places. In the 6000 series aluminum sheet product, 6061 aluminum sheet is considered to be the typical alloy sheet product, and of 6061 aluminum alloy sheet, the most common tempers are T6 and T651, so there is a great demand of the 6061 t6 aluminum sheet in the market. It has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, easy coloring after processing, and good oxidation effect.


Al 6061 t6 sheet has played a great practical value in traditional aspects such as mold making, rust and oxidation prevention. 6061 t6 aluminum tread plate have the same strength of aluminum 6061 t6 sheet, slip resistance and durability are the main attributes of this 6061 tread plate material. Aluminum tread plate 6061 with anti skid paatern on the surface are used in loading ramps, trench covers, docks, base plates, floors, stair treads.

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