Aluminium alloy 1060 factory РHaomei Aluminum provide prime 1060 aluminum sheet plate product with low price and stable quality. With mature processing technology and high yield rate, 1060 aluminum alloy product has huge advantages. Aluminium alloy 1060 can be anodized, or processed into coil type, embossed type, checker plate type, brushed type, stip type, circle type, foil type, color coated type and even mirror finish type. 1060 aluminum sheet is used in many fields, such as automobiles, signs, lamps, radiators, aluminum busbars, molds, tab materials, etc.,

aluminium alloy 1060 factory

The aluminium alloy 1060 factory offer good price because the processing of 1060 aluminum sheet is easy. Aluminium alloy 1060 is a relatively common grade, and the temper is generally H24. Different specifications and states can be customized according to the different needs of customers in Haomei Aluminum. 1060 aluminium alloy material is very good, mainly used in kitchen utensils, nameplates, clock surfaces, etc. Its chemical properties are very good, because the aluminum content of 1060 aluminum sheet reaches more than 99.6%, and some copper elements are added, which belongs to industrial pure aluminum. Aluminium alloy 1060 has extremely high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. But it can withstand various bending, pressure processing, high-strength stretching and bending.


After processed in aluminium alloy 1060 factory, 1060 aluminum sheet plate is a good material for corporate signs and billboards in practical applications. The higher the aluminum content, the softer the material. The density of 1060 aluminum sheet plate is usually 2.71g/cm2, which is suitable for stretching and other products. The strength of 1060 aluminum sheet is not high, and heat treatment cannot be strengthened. If it is a product that requires high strength, this 1060 aluminium product is not suitable.

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