Aluminium alloy hardness refers to the ability of aluminum alloy to resist the penetration of external forces, and is an important indicator describing the ability of aluminium alloy to resist compression, scratching and abrasion. For aluminum alloys, hardness is usually expressed in terms of hardness value, and common hardness test methods include Rockwell hardness (HRB, HRC), Brinell hardness (HB) and Vickers hardness (HV).


The hardness of aluminum alloys ranges from HB20 to 130, and the hardness values vary for different aluminum alloy series and tempers. For example, most of the hardness values of pure aluminum (1XXX series) are below 35HB, while the hardness of aluminium alloy casting series is mostly between 36 and 130HB. For heat-treated reinforced aluminum alloys such as in their T4 or T6 condition, the Brinell hardness is higher than 130 HB units.

aluminium alloy hardness

In addition, the aluminum alloy hardness is also related to the chemical composition of the alloy and heat treatment state. For example, in different aluminum alloys such as 2A12-T4/T351, 5A06-H112, 6A02-T4/T6, etc., the hardness values will vary. Also, the measurement of hardness is related to the test methods, such as Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness.


In addition, there are H12 and H24 hardness aluminum alloys. H12 hardness aluminum plate has good deep-drawing and machinability after cold working treatment, which is suitable for manufacturing various molded parts, such as fuel tanks, pipes, covers, etc. And H24 hardness of aluminum plate after cold working and natural aging treatment, has a higher hardness and better toughness and strength, suitable for manufacturing high-strength structural parts, such as aircraft, ships, automobiles and so on.


In short, the aluminium alloy hardness depends on its manufacturing process, alloy composition and heat treatment state. In practical application, it is necessary to choose the suitable aluminum alloy according to the specific needs and use environment.

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