In aviation, aluminum alloys for aerospace manufacturing is the main material for aircraft body structure. Although the density of aluminum alloy is low, its strength is relatively high, close to or surpassing that of high-quality steel, good plasticity, can be processed into various profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, the amount used is only second in steel.


In addition to the conventional strength and corrosion performance requirements, aluminum alloys for aerospace manufacturing materials also have high requirements for fatigue and crack growth resistance. The total proportion of 2000 series and 7000 series aluminum alloys in aviation aluminum materials has reached 83%. The proportion of aluminum alloy materials of each system in all aluminum series materials on civil airliners can reach about 45% and 38% respectively.

aluminum alloys for aerospace manufacturing

2000 series aerospace aluminum alloys are the most widely used, for example: 2024, 2A12, 2017A. The advantages are good strength, toughness, fatigue resistance and good plasticity. Mainly used to make skins, bulkheads, ribs, etc.

7000 series aluminum alloy for aerospace is also called super hard aluminum alloy. For example: 7075, 7A09. The advantage is that the strength limit and yield strength are high, and the load is large. It is used to manufacture beams, landing gear, and upper wing skins.


7000 series aluminum alloys for aerospace manufacturing are added with zinc and magnesium elements, which have high strength, strong wear resistance and toughness. They are the toughest alloy types in the aluminum alloy family. 2000 series aerospace aluminum plates have good welding performance, especially aluminum-copper-manganese alloy, can maintain good properties at high temperature, easy to weld, often used in heat-resistant, weldable forgings and structural parts. 2000 series aerospace aluminum plate is widely used 2 series aluminum plate can be used in high-end fields such as aerospace.

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