The 2000 series aluminum plate contain many different alloys, and their main uses are different. The following details will help you to select the right aluminium products more quickly.

Aluminum plate 2011: Screws and Machining Products Requiring Good Cutting Performance

Aluminum plate 2014: Used in situations requiring high strength and hardness (including high temperature). Aircraft heavy, forged, thick and extruded materials, wheels and structural components, multi-stage rocket front fuel tank and spacecraft parts, truck frame and suspension system parts

2017 aluminium plate: 2XXX series alloy, which has been used in industry for the first time, has a narrow application scope, mainly for rivets, general mechanical parts, structural parts of vehicles, propellers and accessories.

2024 aluminium plate: aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck hub, propeller components and other structural components

2036 aluminium sheet metal parts for automobile body

2048 Aluminum plate: Aerospace and Spacecraft Structural Components and Weapon Structural Components

2124 Aluminum plate: Aerospace and Spacecraft Structural Components

2218 Aluminum plate: Piston of Aircraft Engine and Diesel Engine, Cylinder Head of Aircraft Engine, Impeller of Jet Engine and Compressor Ring

2219 aluminium plate: spacecraft rocket welding oxidizer tank, supersonic aircraft skin and structural parts, working temperature is – 270 ~ 300 degrees Celsius. Good weldability, high fracture toughness, high stress corrosion cracking resistance in T8 state

2319 Aluminum plate: Welding Electrode and Filling Solder for La2219 Alloy

2618 Aluminum plate: Die Forging and Free Forging. Piston and Aeroengine Parts

2A01 Aluminum plate: Structural Rivet with Working Temperature less than or equal to 100 degrees Celsius

2A02 Aluminum plate: Axial Compressor Blade of Turbojet Engine with Working Temperature 200-300 Celsius

2A06 Aluminum plate: Aircraft Structure with Working Temperature 150-250 Celsius and Aircraft Structure Rivet with Working Temperature 125-250 Celsius

2A10 Aluminum plate: Strength higher than 2A01 alloy, used to manufacture aircraft structural rivets with working temperature less than or equal to 100 degrees Celsius

2A11 Aluminum Plate: Medium-strength structural parts of aircraft, propeller blades, transportation tools and building structures. Medium Strength Bolts and Rivets for Aircraft

2A12 aluminium sheet: aircraft skin, partition frame, wing rib, wing beam, rivet, construction and transportation structural parts

2A14 Aluminum plate: Complex Free Forging and Die Forging

2A16 Aluminum plate: Spacecraft Parts Working at 250-300 degrees Celsius, Welded Vessels and Air-tight Cockpits Working at Room and High Temperatures

2A17 Aluminum plate: Aircraft Parts Working at 225-250 Celsius Bottom

2A50 Aluminum plate: Complex Medium Strength Parts

2A60 Aluminum plate: Compressor Wheel, Wind Guide Wheel, Fan, Impeller of Aircraft Engine, etc.

2A70 Aluminum plate: Aircraft Skin, Aircraft Engine Piston, Wind Guide Wheel, ** etc.

2A80 Aluminum plate: Aeroengine Compressor Blade, Impeller, Piston, Ring and Other Parts with High Working Temperature

2A90 aluminium plate: aeroengine piston

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