5083 aluminum alloy belongs to aluminum magnesium alloy, and aluminum-magnesium alloy is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. EN AW 5083 material properties are high strength, especially fatigue strength. It has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It has good plasticity in semi-cold quenching and low cold hardening plasticity. It also has good corrosion resistance, weldability, poor cutting performance, and can be polished. It is mainly used for low-load parts requiring high plasticity and good weldability, working in liquid or gas media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers, and other small-load parts made by deep drawing. The wire is used to make rivets.


Chemical composition of en aw 5083 material properties:

Chemical composition table standard                      (Max) W%
Gold 0.4
 Silicon 0.4
Iron 0.1
Copper 0.4-1
Manganese 4-4.9
Magnesium 0.25
Zinc 0.05-0.25
Chromium 0.15
 Titanium 0.15

EN AW 5083 material properties

Application of 5083 aluminum plate:

5083 aluminum alloy is a high-magnesium alloy with good strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability in non-heat-treated alloys. The surface is aesthetically pleasing after anodizing and it has good arc welding performance. The main alloy element of 5083 aluminum alloy is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance, welding performance, and medium strength.


Excellent corrosion resistance is one of the most outstanding EN AW 5083 material properties, it makes 5083 aluminum alloy widely used in shipbuilding, automotive and aircraft welding parts, subways and light rails, pressure vessels that require strict fire protection (such as liquid tankers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers), refrigeration equipment, television towers, marine applications, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile components, armor, etc.

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