As a member of thin aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, Haomei Aluminum offer wide range of aluminum alloys and tempers. The thin aluminum sheet have hot rolled and cold rolled type, the surface quality and thickness tolerance are main factors that represents the quality of thin aluminum sheet. And the roughness of aluminum sheet is the main aspect of thin aluminium sheet surface quality.


1, Roughness is an important parameter to measure the surface quality of aluminum sheet. It is beneficial to improve the roughness of the thin aluminum sheet product and reduce the surface adhesion between the annealed damages caused by friction.


2, The shape of the cutting surface is divided into two different parts. The upper surface is smooth and flat, the cutting stripes are neat and dense, and the roughness value is small. The lower part is messy, the surface is uneven, and the roughness value is large. The upper part has the characteristics of the direct action of the laser beam, and the lower part has the characteristics of the erosion of the molten metal.

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3, The cutting surface has obvious upper and lower parts. The difference is that the cutting fringes of the pulsed laser cutting surface are related to the pulse frequency. The higher the cutting frequency, the finer the stripes and the greater the surface roughness of the aluminum sheet. The density and surface roughness of the cutting stripes on the upper surface are mainly related to the cutting speed.


4, Laser cutting technology has low cost, high efficiency, and high precision, and is widely used in template processing in instruments, precision electronics and other industries. In order to improve the wall seam roughness of the laser cutting process parameters, various optimization methods and theories have been proposed in thin aluminum sheet manufacturers.


5, Therefore, when evaluating the cutting surface quality of thin aluminum sheet, the surface roughness of the lower edge should be used as the benchmark. But the real bottom edge is just a line, and the roughness is difficult to measure. The roughness near the lower edge can be measured.

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