With the global economic integration, the foreign trade of aluminum alloy sheet products is becoming more and more frequent, and shipping has become an indispensable transportation route for the aluminum sheet trading process. The transportation of aluminum plates at sea is different from land transportation. Therefore, we must pay attention to some problems and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by negligence.

First, we must do a good job of packaging aluminum sheet plates. The aluminum plate packaging is well protected, which can avoid the damage caused by bumps or weather during the transportation of aluminum plates, especially foreign trade transactions. Once the aluminum plate is damaged due to improper transportation, it is very troublesome for customers and enterprises, so the aluminium sheet metal packaging must be tightly sealed and protective measures are in place before shipment. At the same time, it must be inspected to avoid omissions. It is the aluminum plate manufacturer that must do a good job of handing over the product to the customer service.

Second, the label should be marked accurately and clearly. Shipping is troublesome, and customs clearance inspection is needed during transportation. In order to facilitate the inventory of our aluminum alloy sheets, we need to mark the relevant information such as the number of aluminum plate models, which can avoid a lot of trouble, and also allow the goods to pass the customs inspection as soon as possible, shortening the entire transportation time.

aluminum alloy sheet products

Third, the shipping schedule must be determined. The aluminum plate manufacturers who really do a good job will promptly confirm the arrival time to the customer. This allows customers to declare customs clearance in a timely manner and ship the product to their own factory as soon as possible, reducing the amount of cargo due to cargo. The trouble in the production process caused by the timely arrival, so we must confirm the arrival time again and again during the aluminum sheet shipping process.

Fourth, pay attention to the holidays and ports of arrival of aluminum alloy plates in the country. Foreign trade transactions are different from domestic. The holidays of our customers are very different from domestic. In order to better serve customers, we need to learn the holidays of the countries we serve so as to minimize the negative impact of holidays on customers. Then it is necessary to determine the port of call of the country in advance in order to facilitate customer pickup.

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