1 8 aluminum sheet is 1/8 inch thick aluminum sheet, also known as 1/8 aluminum sheet, a common name of aluminum sheet 3.175mm. 1/8 of an inch is 1 inch is divided equally into 8 parts, the length of each part is an eighth of an inch. And 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm, so 1/8 of an inch is equal to 0.3175 cm, and 3.175mm, it is also a comoon thickness of aluminum sheet product.


The thickness of 1 8 aluminum sheet choose special outside diameter micrometer, generally with caliper measurement, the user can choose to buy digital display outside diameter micrometer to measure the thickness of aluminum sheet, the measurement accuracy can be controlled within 0.02 mm.

1 8 aluminum sheet

At the same time for the 1/8 aluminum sheet thickness measurement also has the skill, can not only measure a little, to choose several different positions to measure the thickness of aluminum sheet, if you need high precision aluminum sheet need to specify in advance, our company’s aluminum sheet thickness can be accurate to within 0.02 mm, belong to the high precision aluminum sheet product.


What do you need to pay attention to when measuring the thickness of 1 8 inch aluminum sheet? First of all, the measurement of the suitable micrometer needs to be zeroed, if it is a film aluminum sheet, the surface of the aluminum sheet has a protective film need to remove the protective film, can not speak of the thickness of the protective film is also measured into the thickness of the aluminum sheet, so that we can well measure the thickness of the aluminum sheet.


Haomei Aluminum can provide various thicknesses of aluminum plate, the thickness range is 0.02 mm – 500 mm thickness between the aluminum sheet, can provide accurate thickness of high precision 1 8 aluminum sheet material.

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