Aluminum alloy sheet metal nowadays often appear in industrial manufacturing, housing construction, transportation and other fields. Alloy aluminum sheet metal in the use of the effect is unusual, and even to replace other materials, but each different types have to be separated for understanding, do not feel free to add some of their own ideas.


The next specific introduction for everyone, aluminum alloy sheet metal selection note what things:

1, Check the product factory certificate, pay attention to the factory date, specifications, technical conditions, enterprise name and production license number.

2, Carefully inspect the surface condition of the aluminium alloy sheet metal product, the product should be bright colors, good luster, the surface can not have obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects.

3, Be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the alloy aluminum sheet metal product, if the surface of the aluminum sheet has been processed, be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the product surface coating.

 aluminum alloy sheet metal

The price of aluminum alloy sheet metal is about ten or twenty dollars per kilogram thirty or so dollars. The price of alloy aluminum sheet metal is affected by many aspects, such as brand, grade, market, specification, state, etc.. Generally speaking, the price of aerospace aluminum plate 7000 series and 2000 series will be relatively high, the price of industrial pure aluminum 1000 series is relatively low, and the price of other 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series is slightly different. Alloy aluminum sheet metal is suitable for various industries according to the material, and can be divided into many types according to the surface treatment and processing state, and the difference in price will be great.


The quality of aluminum alloy sheet metal directly affects the quality of further product, so the product is the top priority. Then for the quality control must start from the details, only powerful aluminum sheet manufacturers can strictly control the production process and technology, from the source to pay attention to quality, only the quality to do up, in order to win the reliance of customers.

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