The water cooled plate is an important part of the thermal management system of new energy vehicles, and is usually used in load-bearing and corrosion-resistant environments. Therefore, when selecting the manufacturing material of the water-cooled plate, the strength and corrosion resistance of the material need to be considered. Automotive water-cooled plates generally use aluminum brazing composite materials, and the process is mainly raw material stamping-cleaning-flux coating-riveting-brazing-testing-sealing and other processes. In order to ensure the stamping and stretching requirements of the water-cooled plate, the materials used are required to have good stretching ability.

3003 o temper aluminum sheet

As the country vigorously develops new energy vehicles, the demand for water-cooled plates will continue to rise, and the market demand for 3003 o temper aluminum sheet for brazing composite materials will also continue to rise. The main alloying element of 3003 aluminum plate is manganese, and the strength of 3003 aluminum plate alloy increases with the increase of manganese content. 3003 aluminum sheet has good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability. Haomei Aluminum provides aluminum sheets in various thickness states: 0.2-500mm, width 100-2500mm, which can be customized on demand.


What are the advantages of using 3003 aluminum sheet for automobile water cooling plate?

1, Light weight.

Aluminum alloy 3003 has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, and easy processing and forming, and is currently an ideal lightweight material for automobiles.

2, Excellent corrosion resistance.

3003 aluminum sheet belongs to the aluminum-manganese alloy series, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, which still has good anti-rust ability in humid environment.

3, Good stamping stretchability.

The 3003 o temper aluminum sheet is soft, highly plastic, easy to punch and stretch, and meets conventional processing requirements.


Typical use of 3003 aluminum sheet: Common uses of 3003 aluminum plate: silos, bus skins, curtain wall panels, antenna pot materials, roof panels, etc.; Typical applications of conventional rolled 3003 aluminum sheets: fuel tanks, water tanks, automotive heat shields, automotive anti-skid plates, power battery casings, battery covers, automotive interiors, signs, cans, medical equipment, etc.

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