Haomei Aluminum is an aluminum alloy plates manufacturer and supplier in China, which provides matte aluminum sheets for sale. And today we are going to introduce the high quality frosted aluminum plates sold by Haomei. We will introduce it from the following aspects: characteristics and application. Now let’s get started!

alloy plates

First of all, let’s introduce the characteristics of the aluminum alloy plate. The aluminum sheets avoid the disadvantage that the bright aluminum alloy plate will cause light interference under certain environment and conditions in the architectural decoration. The surface of the aluminum sheet is as delicate and soft as brocade, which is very popular in the market. However, the existing materials must overcome the uneven surface sand grains, and can see the lack of mold patterns.


All kinds of aluminum plates are very bright because of their metallic luster, and in our lives, when the sun is dazzling or in other environments with too bright light, there will be interference bright spots, and this reflected glare will be somewhat uncomfortable. Suitable. Hence, the frosted aluminum sheet was created. After the frosted treatment, the aluminum sheets can well overcome the shortcomings of light glare and light reflection. The surface of the aluminum plate is silky and smooth, which is liked by many people.


Alloy plates products are mainly used in the lighting industry. Matte surface can also be used in the following industries electronics, solar reflectors, interior decoration, furniture kitchens, elevators, signs, bags, jewelry boxes, car interiors, etc. The use of aluminum sheets in household appliances is also gradually increasing.

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