Friends who do purchase procedure know that when we choose 3mm aluminium sheet price in india, we will habitually go to the internet to find aluminum sheet manufacturers, and decide which one to choose based on price, quality, strength, etc. So why are the prices of some 3mm aluminum sheet manufacturers low? Below, we list several factors for your consideration.


3mm aluminium sheet price in india

1, The thickness of 3mm aluminium sheet in india may not be enough

If a customer orders a 3mm thick aluminum sheet, a good brand aluminium sheet manufacturer will generally produce 3mm thick aluminum sheet. But some aluminum sheet manufacturers are likely to make a fuss about the thickness and choose thinner aluminum plates, such as 2.8 mm and 2.6mm thick aluminum sheet.


2, Surface treatment

In order to reduce 3mm aluminium sheet price in india, some aluminum sheet manufacturers dare to ignore the surface treatment of 3mm aluminum sheet. This has seriously endangered the quality of aluminum sheet products, and also seriously endangered the good trading environment of the aluminum sheet industry.


3, Raw material of aluminum sheet

In order to reduce prices, some 3mm aluminium sheet manufacturers directly use recycled waste aluminum as raw materials. It looks good on the surface, but it has actually affected the quality of the aluminum sheet itself. Generally more brittle, easy to break, can not withstand wind and rain! In severe cases, it will break directly, or even fall directly from the wall. In addition to the raw materials used, some details in the production process of the 3mm aluminum sheet product are also crucial.


4, Packaging

After the aluminium sheet is formed, it needs to go through long-distance transportation to reach the customer. In this process, there will inevitably be ups and downs. Reinforcement and protection are usually carried out, and packaging materials such as bubble glue, cartons, and wooden frames are used. It is also a lot of money, and the quality of the packaging will also affect the final quality of the aluminum sheet. Some aluminium sheet manufacturers often do not do it properly in order to save costs, and if there is a problem, they will be lucky and irresponsible. In the homogeneous market competition of the aluminum sheet manufacturing industry, 3mm aluminium sheet price in india has become an unavoidable basic competitive strategy. Due to excessive internal competition, product quality cannot be guaranteed, and service and after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, behind the cheapness, there are often hidden quality risks.

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