The aluminum sheet manufacturing process is processing aluminum and aluminum alloys into sheets or coils with rectangular cross-sections through smelting, ingot casting, various pre-rolling preparations, flat roll rolling, heat treatment and finishing.

aluminum sheet manufacturing process

The first step of aluminum sheet manufacturing process is the production of raw materials, the raw material of aluminum sheet is aluminum ingot, usually the aluminum ingot is heated and melted into aluminum water, and then the liquid aluminum water is put into the continuous casting machine, aluminum water is rolled into a cast-rolled aluminum coil by a casting-rolling machine. Usually, the thickness of the cast-rolled aluminum coil is between 8-10mm. This is the first step in the aluminium sheet manufacturing process. We call it the production blank. The way of rolling coils can reduce costs instead.

Then the precision rolling process is carried out by the finishing mill. Usually the precision of the rolling mill of the finishing mill can be controlled within 0.01mm. The finishing mill repeatedly rolls the cast-rolled coil to roll the billet to the required thickness. This is the second and most important step in aluminum sheet manufacturing process.

Then it is necessary to trim and clean the rolled coils. Trimming is to trim the uneven edges after rolling, and cleaning is because the finishing mill is the billet rolled in rolling oil, so surface oil must be cleaned.

The last is annealing, flattening and packaging. Annealing is to place it in a constant temperature annealing furnace for a period of time, and change the internal grain size of the aluminum sheet through high temperature to obtain various mechanical properties and elongation. After the annealing is completed, it needs to be flattened by the flattening equipment. After processing, various packaging is carried out. Most enterprises produce aluminum sheet product through the above general steps.


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