7075 aluminum alloy refers to a common alloy in the 7000 series aluminum alloy with high strength. The most common aluminum alloy with the best strength is the aluminum alloy 7075, which is widely used in CNC cutting and manufacturing parts, and is suitable for aircraft frames and high-strength accessories. 7000 series aluminum alloys contain zinc and magnesium. Zinc is the main alloying element of 7000 series aluminum alloy, so the corrosion resistance is quite good, adding a little magnesium alloy can make the 7075 alloy material reach very high strength after heat treatment.


7075 aluminum alloy

What are the advantages of 7075 aluminum alloy products?

1, The strength of 7075 aluminum alloy is very high, and its hardness can be increased after heat treatment.

2, Aluminum alloy 7075 has good mechanical properties, good usability, and can be used in a wide range.

3, It is very simple and convenient to process, and the processing cost is not high, and the wear resistance is good, so the price on the market is relatively affordable.

4, Alloy 7075 aluminum plate has certain corrosion resistance and fracture resistance. It is usually used for high-pressure structural parts. It belongs to a high-strength material and has very good compression resistance.

5, Aluminum 7075 alloy generally adds a small amount of copper and phosphorus and other alloys in it, so its strength is far better than that of soft steel. It can be used not only in life, but also in aerospace and mold processing, and the range of use is particularly wide.

6, In addition, 7075 aluminum alloy material can be used in trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines, aircraft parts, gears, keys, turbines, etc., where it can play a reinforcing role.

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