Aircraft grade aluminum price will be much more expensive than ordinary aluminum, because it is suitable for special construction, so it will only be used if there is a need for this. The biggest difference between aircraft grade aluminum alloy and ordinary aluminum alloy is the difference in chemical composition and mechanical properties. The chemical composition and mechanical property tolerance of aircraft aluminum alloy will be much smaller, and the requirements will be stricter. Aircraft grade aluminum is mainly used when building aircraft, and its hardness is relatively high, while the hardness of ordinary aluminum will be relatively low. The wear resistance of aircraft aluminum is also very strong. Because the aircraft built needs to fly in the sky, the requirements for this aspect are very strict.

aircraft grade aluminum price

The differences between aviation aluminum alloys and ordinary aluminum alloys is not only in aircraft grade aluminum price, but also are as follows aspects:

1, impurity content

In addition to the conventional strength and corrosion performance requirements, aircraft grade aluminum materials also have high requirements for fatigue and crack growth resistance, and the presence of impurities has a fatal impact on these properties, so the content of impurities in aviation materials is often strictly controlled.

2, production process control

In order to achieve the stability of performance, the process control of aircraft grade aluminum materials in the production process is much stricter than that of ordinary aluminum alloys, and there are many more test items.

3, strict inspection

For a simple example, the same alloy grade has the same chemical composition and production process. If it is used in aviation, the final inspection will be much stricter, which may result in a much lower pass rate.


Aviation aluminum generally refer to 7000 series aluminum alloy and 2000 series. 7000 series aluminum alloys have the highest hardness value among all aluminum alloys. The 7075 aircraft grade aluminum price is relatively expensive.

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