The aluminium foil 8011 alloy is an Al-Fe-Si aluminum alloy. In more than 1% of the total alloying elements, its alloy properties have correspondingly higher advantages. The tensile strength of the alloy is 125~165, yielding strength 110 and elongation 2~5.

The 8011 aluminum alloy foil is applied to food packing, ropp caps, pharmaceutical packing, industrial uses etc. The thickness is 0.006mm to 0.2mm, and width up to 1700mm. The features of 8011 aluminum alloy foil for varied applications are as below.

The aluminium foil 8011 alloy used for bottle stoppers: white wine bottle caps, red wine bottle caps, skin care bottle caps, baby milk powder caps, pharmaceutical cap materials, beverage cap materials, yogurt caps, etc. Advantages: water brushing A level, low ear-making rate.

Rolls of aluminium foil 8011 alloy

The aluminium foil 8011 alloy used for medicine packaging: PTP medicinal value aluminum foil, cold die forming medicinal foil, 8011-H28 aluminum foil for medical packaging, plastic capsule aluminum foil board, etc. Advantages: high cup convex value, high compressive strength of aluminum foil, and good airtightness.

The aluminium foil 8011 alloy is used for food packaging: food packaging, heat-sealing foil, fast food box material, utensil foil, aluminum foil gasket for sealing. Advantages: The surface is clean and free of dirt.

The 8011 industrial grade aluminum foil: aluminum foil for transformers, aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil for cable and tape, aluminum foil for filter devices. Advantages: clean oil removal and smooth style.

The price of aluminium foil 8011 alloy is from $2600 to $3000 per metric ton. The detailed price depends on the specifications you need, and the time when you place the order, and the quantity you need.

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