Aluminium sheet 5mm factory supply prime quality and cheap price aluminum sheet with film on the surface. Aluminum sheet film has long been a little-known technology, especially for the gradual adjustment of the aluminum sheet laminating film process. After unremitting research, aluminium sheet 5mm manufacturers can improve the types and levels of film laminating. Especially for the double-sided coating on the upper and lower aluminum sheet, etc. are all possible.

aluminium sheet 5mm factory

The technology degree of aluminium sheet 5mm factory are shown at:

1, The operating speed of the leveling machine when the aluminum sheet is laminated

The first core key point is the problem of equipment, which my friends think. The main thing about aluminum sheet laminating is accuracy, sensitivity of equipment, etc. Actually, you don’t have to think so. It has little to do with the precision of the aluminum sheet and the principle of starting up and running speed, or even the relationship is too big. After all, if the aluminium sheet is running at high speed, it is definitely not feasible to coat the aluminum sheet.


2, The tension of the laminated aluminum sheet is properly controlled

Then there is a more critical problem, that is, the tension of the laminated aluminum sheet should also be controlled well and properly. If the tension control of the laminated aluminium sheet is not adequate, it is very critical when the aluminum sheet passes through the film coating process. Therefore, it is necessary to control the tension of the aluminum sheet properly!


3, Avoid air bubbles between the aluminum sheet and the film

Finally, the aluminium sheet 5mm factory leveling machine operator must pay attention to the problem of air bubbles between the aluminum sheet and the film when post-processing the aluminium sheet film. This should also be a key issue for the current ownership of leveling equipment and the need for equipment. Then there is the need to properly control the various response methods and treatment methods that generate bubbles before the aluminum sheet and the film.

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