The aluminum 5052 vs 6061 cost result is the cost of 6061 aluminum alloy is higher than the cost of 5052 aluminum alloy. First of all, there are differences in the alloy elements. The 5052 aluminum alloy contains magnesium, while the 6061 aluminum alloy contains silicon in addition to magnesium, and their processing states are different. Except for the O condition accidents, both 6061 and 5052 aluminum sheet are generally in the T6 and T651 tempers. The 5052 aluminum sheet is usually in the H112, H24, and H32 tempers, while the 6061 aluminum sheet is more expensive.

aluminum 5052 vs 6061 cost

The price of 5052 aluminum sheet is generally around 5 dollars per kilogram. In normal circumstances, the processing fee is in the range of 600-800 dollars, and it fluctuates within this range depending on the brand of the aluminum sheet manufacturer and the equipment price of the company. The price of 6061 aluminum sheet is generally around 6 dollars per kilogram, and the processing fee for one ton of 6061 aluminum sheet is between 700-1000 dollars. Because the requirements for craftsmanship and the proportion of other metal alloy elements in the 6061 aluminum sheet are different, the price difference is relatively large. You can also refer to our latest article on the recent price of 6061 aluminum sheet to help deepen your understanding.


The main aluminum 5052 vs 6061 cost difference lies in their alloy composition. 6061 aluminum sheet is more expensive than conventional 5052 aluminum sheet due to its complex craftsmanship and different performance requirements. The processing fee for one ton of 5052 and 6061 aluminum sheets differs by 600-900 dollars. 5052 aluminum sheet belongs to the 5000 series aluminum sheet, while 6061 aluminum sheet belongs to the relatively expensive 6000 series aluminum sheet. According to the comparison of the alloy situations of the two in 2022, we can estimate that the processing fee for one ton of the two differs by about 600-900 dollars.


Looking at the future trend, the aluminum 5052 vs 6061 cost difference between the two should further increase, because 5052 aluminum sheet is gradually being applied in various industries, all of which are considering choosing lighter aluminum sheet alloys to replace iron, stainless steel, copper, and other uses.

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