The anodise quality aluminium sheet produced by Haomei ALUMINUM have high quality, beautiful appearanceand long service life. The process flow of anodized aluminum sheet: put on the shelf – degreasing – water washing – alkaline etching – water washing – neutralization – water washing – anodizing – water washing to seal the holes – water washing – shelf – testing – packaging. Degreasing, alkaline etching, neutralization, anodizing, sealing and other processes in the process flow are the keys to ensuring the quality of the oxidation treatment. Anodized aluminium sheets are widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft auto parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine casings, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, signs, furniture, automotive decoration and other industries.

anodise quality aluminium sheet

The anodise quality aluminium sheet has strong decorative properties and moderate hardness. It can be easily bent and formed for continuous high-speed stamping, which is convenient for direct processing into products without complicated surface treatment, which greatly shortens the product production cycle and reduces product production costs. The surface hardness of the anodized aluminum sheet is high, reaching the gem level, with good scratch resistance, and the surface is not covered with paint. Therefore, we also seen anodized aluminium sheet applied as the decorative purpose in our daily life.


Anodise quality aluminium sheet also have super long service life compared with ordinary aluminium sheet product. The anodized aluminum plate with standard thickness oxide film (3μm) will not discolor, corrode, oxidize or rust in indoor use for a long time. The anodized aluminum plate with thick oxide film (10μm) can be used outdoors and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without discoloration. Wide range of uses, suitable for metal aluminum ceilings, curtain wall panels, aluminum-plastic panels, fireproof panels, honeycomb aluminum panels, aluminum veneers, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels, etc.

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