The production of sheet metal aluminum should be made by heating, rolling, straightening, solution aging heat and other processes. Flat roll rolling is used for aluminum sheet metal production, and the basic processes are hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment and finishing. For hard aluminum alloys with complex chemical composition, homogenization treatment should be carried out before hot rolling.

sheet metal aluminum

The sheet metal aluminum is a common aluminum product on the market, the processing technology is not high, many aluminum sheet manufacturers can produce hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum sheet metal. However, that do not means that you can buy aluminum sheet product from suppliers casually. Instead, we should pay attention to aluminum sheet product carefully. The plate shape usually refers to the straightness of the aluminum sheet, that is, whether the various parts of the aluminum sheet metal produce waves, warpage, side bending and buckling. Plate shape is an important quality indicator of the aluminum sheet product. The quality of the plate shape depends on whether the longitudinal extension of the aluminum coil in the width direction is equal during rolling, the uniformity of the cross-sectional thickness of the blank before rolling, the roll shape and the actual roll gap formed by the bending deformation of the roll during rolling shape etc. It can be seen that the plate shape and the lateral thickness accuracy are closely related.


A variety of sheet metal aluminum can be formed through different processing methods, and the quality of the processing methods also determines the quality of the aluminum sheet, as well as the level of grade. So the price of aluminum sheet metal is different, if you want to get quotation, firstly make sure your requirement, such as the aluminum alloy, temper, thickness, width, length and alloy properties, if you are not sure about these data, do not worry, just tell us your usage and country, we can recommend suitable aluminum sheet metal specification for you!

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