7075 aluminum alloy

7075 Aluminum Alloy

7075 aluminum alloy refers to a common alloy in the 7000 series aluminum alloy with high strength. The most common aluminum alloy with the best strength is the aluminum alloy 7075, which is widely used in CNC cutting and manufacturing parts, and is suitable for aircraft frames and high-strength accessories. 7000 series aluminum alloys contain zinc and magnesium. Zinc is the

high strength aluminum alloys

High Strength Aluminum Alloys

High strength aluminum alloys are required in some industry like construction, equipment, automobile, boat-building and aircraft area. Strength is an important factor that must be considered in product design. When it is an aluminum alloy component as a component, an appropriate alloy should be selected according to the pressure it is subjected to. Pure aluminum 1000

anodised aluminium grades

Anodised Aluminium Grades

The more commonly used anodised aluminium grades are 1060 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate and 7075 aluminum plate. Anodised aluminium plate is much stronger than ordinary aluminum plate, whether it is smoothness or flatness, it is better than ordinary aluminum plate. The main reason is that the production process of

aluminum 7075 with high strength

Aluminum 7075 With High Strength

The aluminum 7075 with high strength has tensile strength and yield strength, the unit is N/m㎡ (Newton per square millimeter), and the elongation is expressed in ‘%’ (percentage). The strength of aluminum alloy varies greatly with the difference of alloy composition and heat treatment. For example, the tensile strength of 7075T6 aluminum plate alloy is as

Features of 1mm thick aluminium strip

Speaking of 1mm thick aluminium strip, you might imagine thin narrow metal strip rolls stacked in workshops. As a kind of metal material with excellent performance, the 1mm thick aluminium strip has a wide range of applications. The appearance of aluminum is beautiful and suitable for various surface treatments. The surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy

For the mechanical frame alloy aluminium plate on the market, consumers can use simple methods to identify the alloy aluminium plate, to ensure that they choose high quality aluminium alloy. How to distinguish the quality of alloy aluminium sheet? Professional aluminium plate manufacturers tell you three points. 1. To see if there is any obvious