The density of aluminum 6061 alloy is 2.75g/cm3. This means that the weight of aluminum alloy 6061 material per cubic centimeter is 2.75 grams. Density is the ratio of mass to volume of a substance and is one of its characteristics at a given temperature and pressure. Aluminum alloy 6061 is one type of aluminum alloy series, mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. Its material properties make it widely used in industrial applications. Aluminum alloy 6061 has high strength, good workability, and excellent corrosion resistance.


The low density of 6061 aluminum alloy gives it an advantage in various applications such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and construction. The aerospace industry requires materials with low density to reduce the overall weight of aircraft and improve fuel efficiency. Aluminum alloy 6061 not only has lightweight characteristics but also has high strength to meet the aerospace industry’s material strength requirements.

density of aluminum 6061

The automotive manufacturing industry is also one of the main application areas of 6061 aluminum sheet. With the increasing demand for fuel economy and environmental friendliness, car manufacturers are increasingly inclined to use lightweight materials as substitutes for steel. Aluminum alloy 6061 not only has lightweight characteristics but also has sufficient strength and stiffness to improve fuel economy and driving performance of cars.


In the construction field, aluminum alloy 6061 is widely used in structures such as doors, windows, wall panels, and curtain walls. The low density of aluminum alloy 6061 makes these structures lighter, facilitating transportation and installation. At the same time, aluminum alloy 6061 also has high corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term aesthetic appearance and structural strength.


In addition, aluminum alloy 6061 is also widely used in shipbuilding, electronic devices, and sports equipment fields. Its low density, high strength, and good workability make it an ideal choice in various industries. The density of aluminum 6061 make it an important material in many industrial applications.

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