Different specifications and types aluminum products in stock:

1. Aluminum sheet plate: thickness 0.3 mm – 180 mm width 900 mm – 2000 mm

2. Aluminum coil: thickness 0.10 mm-12 mm width 150 mm-2000 mm

3. Diamond Aluminum Plate: Five barTypes, Pointer Types or Customized Thickness 1.2mm-8.0mm

4. Bar: Extruded round bar(r, h112) state: quenched state with diameter of 5 mm to 180 mm: extruded square and hexagonal bar f state with diameter of 5 mm to 150 mm (t4, t5, t6) 2: quenched state with diameter of 5 mm to 150 mm; extruded rectangular bar (flat bar) width with diameter of 5 mm to 150mm; extruded rectangular bar width with thickness of 5 mm to 150 mm: aluminium plate with thickness of 3 mm to 150 mM-3 mm 1060 aluminium sheet

5.Aluminum Pipe material: 1060, 2a12, 3a21, 5a02, 6061, 6063, 3003, 5052, 7075, 2011, 2024, 1050, 6068 extruded seamless circular tubes (aluminium flat tubes, aluminium square tubes, aluminium alloy square tubes, elliptical tubes, harmonica tubes) external diameter range: 20mm-300mm wall thickness range: 3mm-40mm 2, drawing tube external diameter range: 4mm-28mm

1. Aluminum sheet, strip and foil (thickness 0.05-200 mm, width 9-2100 mm, length can be cut according to user’s requirements)

A Special board for anticorrosion and thermal insulation 13820373233

B pattern aluminium tread sheet (big five, small five, pointer, orange peel, diamond and custom)

C Corrugated Aluminum Plate (Various Pressing Forms)

D Decorative curtain wall panels, color-coated aluminium panels (various colors, rib processing)

E All kinds of ultra-wide and super-hard alloy aluminium plate, die plate, sign plate and electrical plate

F Special Aluminum Soft Strip, Aluminum Welded Plate and Aluminum Cover Panel for Electrolysis Expansion

G Cable Foil, Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Strip Foil for Other Purposes

2. Aluminum pipe fittings (aluminium elbow, aluminium tee, aluminium four-way, aluminium variable diameter, aluminium flange, aluminium flanging, aluminium welding ring and non-standard pipe fittings)

3. Aluminum tube (outer diameter 4-400 mm, wall thickness 0.25-40 mm.), delivery length according to user requirements)

A Seamless Aluminum Tube (Extruded and Drawn)

B Aluminum flat tube, Aluminum square tube, Aluminum alloy square tube, Aluminum alloy rectangular tube, Elliptical tube, Harmonica tube

C aluminum coil

4. Aluminum bars (5-400mm)

A garden bar

B square and flat rod

C six angle rod

5. Aluminum Profiles (Industrial Profiles, Civil Profiles, Building Profiles)

6. Conductive aluminium busbar, aluminium bar, aluminium bar, aluminium strand, aluminium grain and aluminium ingot, Cast-rolled plate, aluminium alloy ingot and aluminium casting bar

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