When you need to buy aluminium sheet plate. Do you know how to calculate the aluminum plate price? We are an aluminium plate manufacturer with 13 years production experience. The calculation method of aluminium plate price introduced in detail here can help you quickly judge whether the quotation given by aluminium plate manufacturer is reasonable or not.

Aluminum plate refers to rectangular plate rolled and processed with aluminium ingot, which is divided into pure aluminium plate, alloy aluminium plate, thin aluminium plate and moderately thick aluminium plate with diamond aluminium plate.

Aluminum sheets have different classification methods. The common classification methods are classified according to thickness, which can be roughly divided into:

Thin aluminum plate : 0.15~2

Conventional Section: 2-6

Medium Plate: 6-25

Thick plate: 25-200

Super-thick aluminum plate : over 200

General factory calculates aluminium plate price steps:

1. The volume of the purchased aluminium sheet should be confirmed first, that is to say, the thickness, width and length of the aluminium sheet should be known, and the basic unit of calculation should be meters.

2. Calculate the exact price of this type of aluminium sheet per ton: the price of aluminium ingot on the same day + the processing cost of the product of the manufacturer

3. Calculate the total weight of aluminium plate. Total weight of aluminium sheet (unit: ton) = length x thickness x width x density of aluminium sheet (2.7) * number of sheets of aluminium sheet

4. Multiply the total weight of aluminium sheet by the aluminium sheet price per kg, which is the quotation of this aluminum products.

We take 100 pieces of 90 mm thick, 70 mm wide and 2500 mm long aluminium sheets as an example. First we calculate the weight of the product: 0.09 x 0.07 x 2.5 x 2.7 x 100 = 4.2525 tons.

If the aluminium ingot price on that day is 19 500 yuan/ton and the processing fee of aluminium plate manufacturer is 6 000 yuan per ton, then the quotation given by aluminium plate manufacturer is (19500+6 000)*4.2525=108 438.7 yuan, which is equal to about 108,000 yuan.

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