If you are looking for aluminum sheet weight chart, you should know the specification of aluminum sheet size that you need. In terms of technology, aluminum sheet are usually rectangular plates processed by rolling aluminum ingots, which can be divided into pure aluminum sheet, alloy aluminum sheet, thin aluminum sheet, medium-thick aluminum plates and aluminum checker plates. There are different classification methods for aluminum sheet. The common classification method is to classify according to thickness, which can be roughly divided into thin aluminum sheet 0.15-2.0mm, conventional aluminum sheet (2.0-6.0mm), medium thick aluminum plate (6.0-25.0mm), thick aluminum plate (25- 200mm), ultra-thick aluminum plate (above 200mm).

aluminum sheet weight chart

Then the thickness is different, and what are the calculation methods of aluminum sheet price. The calculation method of aluminum plate price is actually simple. Since I saw the introduction of the calculation method of aluminum sheet price, I no longer need a computer! Aluminum sheet price = unit price* aluminum sheet weight.

1, First confirm the volume of the purchased aluminum sheet, that is, to know the thickness, width and length of the aluminum sheet in detail, and use meters as the basic unit for calculation, here we will use aluminum sheet weight chart.

2, Calculate the total weight of the aluminum sheet. Total weight of aluminum plate (unit: ton) = length × thickness × width × density of aluminum (2.7) × number of aluminum sheet.

3, Calculate the exact price per ton of this type of aluminum sheet: the price of aluminum ingots on the day + the processing fee of the product for the aluminum sheet manufacturer.

4, Multiply the total weight of the aluminum sheet by the price of aluminum sheet per ton, which is the accurate quotation of the product.

Let’s take 100 sheets of 6mm thick, 40mm wide, and 1220mm long aluminum sheet as an example. We can first calculate the weight: 0.06*0.4*1.2*2.71*100=about 7.8 tons.

If the price of aluminum ingots on that day is 3,000, and the processing fee of the aluminum sheet manufacturer is 500 per ton, then the quotation given by the aluminum sheet manufacturer to you is (3000+500)*7.8=27,300.

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